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Chris - Owner/Trainer/Group Training Instructor (Templestowe + Mitcham)

Chris - Owner/Trainer/Group Training Instructor (Templestowe & Mitcham)

Chris has been working in the health and fitness industry since the age of 20. Along with working as a personal trainer, Chris is also a Clinical Myotherapist where he has worked alongside elite sporting athletes at the Richmond Football Club and the Melbourne Storm Rugby League Club. Chris strives to help his clients and patients get the best results that they can achieve. With Chris being one of the owners, you will regularly see Chris at the studios running classes and greeting members. Please do not hesitate to come up and ask Chris any questions or to simply come and have a friendly chat.



 Scott - Owner/Trainer/Group Training Instructor (Templestowe & Mitcham)

From an early age Scott has always been into health and fitness. At the age of 19 he became a Personal Trainer running his on franchise business under the Fitness First Umbrella. Within 2 years of beginning his PT career he became Personal Training Manager, managing and upskilling over 50+ Personal Trainers. During the early days Scott jumped into the lecturing and presenting arena, lecturing Cert 3 and 4 in Fitness and mentoring up and coming personal trainers.

Fast forward a few years and Scott accumulated many qualifications and experience in the field of strength and conditioning as well as nutrition and lifestyle coaching

Scott has remained extremely passionate over the years and thoroughly enjoys helping people become the best versions of themselves through body transformation challenges.

In 2016 Scott opened up 5D Health and Fitness with business partner Chris Parker and together they endeavour to make 5D H&F the most exciting, helpful, informative, and most action packed gym in Melbourne.


Greg - Strength & Conditioning Coach/Group Training Instructor (Templestowe)

A large portion of Greg’s training ethos was formed during his years serving within The Australian Special Forces.

With over two decades as a Strength and Conditioning Coach and Personal Trainer Greg has, at various times, been obsessed with Power Lifting, Calisthenics, Olympic Lifting, Kettlebell Training, CrossFit, Boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. These days his style of training borrows and combines the best elements of all of the above disciplines with a heavy bias toward motivating his clients to achieve things they once considered impossible.

Greg takes a strength first attitude toward his client’s training, with the philosophy that strength is the foundation for developing all other physical abilities.

Kelley - Trainer/Group Training Instructor (Templestowe)

Kelley is a passionate health and fitness enthusiast and has been working in the fitness industry since 2010. She continuously looks at ways to improve the health, fitness and strength of all her clients. Kelley trains with a personal trainer multiple times each week because she understands the benefits and advantage of someone looking over her own technique and continually pushing her limits.

Kelley also enjoys working with people who have injuries and is very knowledgable when it comes to fixing certain postural and muscle imbalances.

If you are looking to improve all facets of your health and lifestyle, Kelley is the go to trainer.

Jacqui - Trainer/Group Training Instructor (Templestowe)

Sally - Trainer/Group Training Instructor/Remedial Massage Therapist (Templestowe)

Sally has been in the fitness industry since 2004. As a child, she was a competitive national gymnast, training up to 21 hours per week. A big part of Sally's training was strength and conditioning and from this her passion grew in the fitness industry.

Sally worked as a gymnastics coach for many years following her retirement where her focus on technique was crucial. In 2009, Sally took the further study to become a Remedial Massage Therapist to learn more about the body. She opened her own massage business in a room out of the gym she was working from.

In 2011, Sally opened her own fitness and wellbeing studio. After 6 wonderful years, and getting married and having two kids, Sally decided to close the studio to focus more on her family. In 2017, Sally started at 5D and has not looked back. 

Shan - Trainer/Group Training Instructor (Templestowe & Mitcham)

Louise - Trainer/Group Training Instructor (Mitcham)

Lang - Strength & Conditioning Coach/Group Training Instructor (Mitcham)

Coach Liang here, a bit about myself: I've been addicted to the inner workings of the human body since my first science class in school. This addiction led me down the path of training, nutrition and psychology to transform myself and eventually transform my clients as a Coach in health and fitness. My approach is simple, follow the research, apply what works, with a sprinkle of my specialty, strength based training with a holistic approach to lifestyle adjustments. Get strong, gain knowledge, feel good, and look good!

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