Amazing Result! Matt trained everyday with a mix of cardio, strength and conditioning as well as resistance classes. He is the perfect example of what hard work can achieve.


    In only 8 weeks, Dionna lost 6.7 KG focussing on a simple yet consistent diet and exercise plan. She is not an exception, anyone can revolutionise their fitness.

  • AMI

    Another incredible result, Ami showed improvement every single week achieving a remarkable transformation. She feels the best she ever has and now can't live without working out.


At 5D we have designed Group Training Classes that offer a range of exercises. We specialise in high intensity workouts, that way you don't spend hours in the gym and still achieve outstanding results!

  • METABOLIC - Workouts involving compound movements to develop strength and control through weighted movements (30 Minutes)

  • BOOTCAMP - Circuit based sessions that incorporate 5-10 different exercises to increase heart rate and cardio (30 Minutes)
  • INTERVALS - High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with short bursts of exercise to improve cardiovascular fitness followed by short rests (30 Minutes)

  • STRENGTH & CONDITIONING - Contains strength based exercises coupled with core and sprint work (45 Minutes)

  • Strength - Our strength class is designed to improve your overall strength through big compound movements. A much slower class, our strength class really targets low reps at maximum efforts (1 Hour)

  • Black Label - You can never prepare yourself for our Black Label sessions. Literally anything goes. They can range from body weight work through to heavy lifting but you will never know until you arrive for the class. (45 Minutes)

    • Triple Threat - We combine elements from bootcamp, intervals and core to create this unique full body endurance class (45 Minutes)

    • CORE - 15 minutes of abdominal focused workouts that builds critical stability to assist in every other movement.
    These are tagged at the end of Metabolic, Bootcamp and Interval classes to strengthen your balance and lower back muscles.




      We offer 2 different types of memberships to service exactly what you are after regarding gym access.
      Both include weekly direct debit with NO LOCK IN CONTRACT or alternatively yearly plans. 


      + All members receive a FREE GYM PROGRAM at no extra cost

      Please come in and discuss with our team today if you want to start your health and fitness dreams become a reality. 


      5D Community

      We understand that starting up at a gym can be a nervous and sometimes an intimidating time. Here at 5D we make sure that you feel welcome the moment you enter our clubs.

      Over the years we have held many members BBQ's as well as charity events to raise money for causes very important to members and staff



      The community that we have built at 5D is something that we are incredibly proud of. Come down and experience this for yourself and see what everyone is talking about


      Opening Hours: 
      Monday - Friday - 4:30am - 10:00pm
      Saturday - Sunday - 6:00am - 8:00pm 


      Email: scott@5dhealthandfitness.com.au
      Phone: 0409 196 785
      Address: 1/13 Websters Road, Templestowe 3106 


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